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ZE:A’s Lee Hoo pleads help from reporters and fans, “Don’t ignore this situation.”




Earlier today, ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo, formerly known as Junyoung, tweeted a chilling message in regards to the group’s situation and Star Empire’s CEO. He then pleaded to the public to help him spread the truth about Star Empire’s corruption, after which the company commented that the issue seems to be financially related.

Now, the leader has released more information through Twitter.

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#standbyZEA #justiceforZEA

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Lumin(Xiuhan) @ 140921 EXO 1st Concert Lost Plane in Beijing “Day2” Preview.

of course i am selfish even if i want with my good heart it is still selfishness but i can’t help but want for XiuHan to always be together… 

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[140921] brace yourselves as the entirety of the xiuhan fandom squints at this video and unanimously screams “did their lips touch???”

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